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Editing & Proof Reading

Editing and proof reading are required before delivering any piece of creation to the client. We are always in love with whatever we write or create and in that process we tend to ignore certain mistakes. That is where editing and proof reading come into picture.

At LCS® we pay utmost attention to the end product delivery and hence, are very specific to editing and proof reading services that we provide. We ensure that the final deliverables look like one piece of work and is free from any type of factual, general or silly mistake. In case where multi-lingual translations take place the chances are much more of ignoring and missing out things.

LCS® offers wide range of services in editing like content editing, video editing, audio editing, and picture editing. While editing, our editors make sure that the product seems coherent. Our editing team improves the subject matter in terms of impact, brevity, syntax, style, tone usage, flow of thoughts and clarity in expression Our editors work in coordination with the authors to ensure that while editing, the subject matter does not lose its essence or core idea. We provide editing services not only in English but in multiple European and Asian languages.

Proofreading is very much required for the written content. It means correcting any grammatical mistakes, syntax error, spelling mistakes or typographical errors. While proofreading, special attention is given to punctuation also. We have experienced proofreaders whose eyes work like error detectors! Starting from a small comma mistake, to placement error, to typing error nothing can escape their eye! It may seem stupid to search for tiny mistakes in proofreading. But just read an example below wherein a cautious signboard accidentally omitted a comma: Slow children crossing! What they actually meant was "Slow, Children crossing."

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